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Cashless payments on campus

sQuid provides intelligent online cashless payment solutions that lets you replace the handling and management of cash and cheques on campus, and provides you with end-to-end controls.

sQuid is currently being used by students at Universities across the UK and Kenya to make small, everyday purchases on campus. Students are issued with a contactless, multi-wallet smart card which they register online to create a sQuid account.

They’re then able to top it up and spend the money at various outlets on campus. It includes 3 different purses, which can be used to make payments for small value items, fees for tuition and fees for general up-keep.

For education institutions

sQuid enables bursaries for tuition fees, accommodation and other sundry expenses to be delivered to students quickly and efficiently with a detailed audit trail. Benefits include reduced administration time and costs, fully auditable transactions (each transactions is time and date stamped), reduced shrinkage, and reassurance that the bursary has been delivered to the intended recipient.

Interactive learning platform for eLearning

Resources for schools are often limited, which affects the student’s access to learning and development tools. sQuid's eLearning platform provides access to digital learning content for students, ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn.

Used by the iMlango programme to deliver educational content to 150,000 in 205 schools, the production platform tailors educational experiences for children to deliver better educational outcomes - and provides the flexibility to provide learning content in multiple formats.

Digital attendance monitoring

Available to any school, the secure data capture technology provides real-time data and insight into the reasons for non-attendance. Each student is issued with a contactless smart card which records attendance on the sQuid Android Tablet – its fast, fun to do, and provides real time data. This helps the teacher during registration, and the data helps focus on those students where regular non-attendance is a problem.

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