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sQuid Nigeria aims to deliver a positive impact for all our users and business clients by making digital transactions possible at low cost. Thus, we enable the economy - whether a local campus micro-economy, aid programme, or a whole country - as they shift to digital transactions. sQuid-enabled transactions eliminates fraud, are easy to use, open to all, low cost and data rich.

Payment platform

Our secure, reliable and scalable eMoney payment platform is compliant with PCI-DSS Version 3.1, the highest level of PCI compliance. The platform integrates with multiple front-end web applications and processes, reconciles and settles millions of transactions every month.

sQuid’s payment platform has an almost limitless number of ‘schemes’ . A customer’s smart account can have multiple purses, each associated with a different scheme. Thus there could be a purse for aid, a purse for general spend, a purse for transit and a purse for collecting and spending loyalty value.

Mobile terminal

We upgraded and evolved our reliable, tried and tested merchant terminals to our new Android based EPoS system that uses a bespoke tablet to cater for our growing number of Humanitarian Aid & Development clients.

Robust and easy to use, the device includes near field communication (NFC) connectivity, which enables contactless smart cards to transmit information to the device. With the need for an 'always on' internet connection, the device stores the data locally until it's connected, where it connects and forwards encrypted data to the core sQuid system.

The device is configurable to customer requirements, and operates three applications for payment, identity registration and attendance monitoring.

Core technological components

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