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R.E.A.L testing underway in Zambia

sQuid has commenced field testing of its R.E.A.L online literacy assessment tool. Co-developed by sQuid in partnership with StoryWorld, a US literacy software specialist, R.E.A.L is an AI-driven early literacy diagnostic tool, closely following the widely used EGRA Early Grade Reading Assessment, assessing key literacy predictors in real time: Listening Comprehension, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Reading Fluency, and Comprehension.

29 March 2024

sQuid delivers dynamic literacy platform with partners Storyworld

We are proud to introduce you to R.E.A.L - Real-time Early Assessment of Literacy is designed to help close literacy gaps in children by way of a digital assessment, based on the E.G.R.A (Early Grade Reading Assessment) used in Kenya. The key difference here is that this is an aural-oral assessment is completed digitally using a tablet...

5 January 2024


sQuid attends first ever global STEM Symposium

Once again sQuid has been attending the mEducation Symposium in Arlington, Virginia. An opportunity to look at how technology is rising to the education challenge in developing countries and to share views and experiences. With the emphasis this year being on STEM, the mEducation team is hosting the first ever global STEM education event.

11 September 2023


sQuid attends the Transforming Education Pre Summit in Paris

We are honored to be attending the opening of the Transforming Education Pre Summit in Paris today and support initiatives which will help to transform education.

28 June 2022

Unicef Policy Brief on the challenge of providing digital education tools to all children – a response from sQuid

Unicef’s recent Policy Brief raised further awareness on the necessity and cost of providing digital education for all children. As well as quantifying the costs associated with electricity, internet access and devices, this thought-provoking paper identifies the importance of...

10 June 2022


> Senior UBEC Nigeria team visit sQuid for iMukoko education project

Projects Director and Board representative attend two-day forum on boosting Nigeria’s digital future. Senator Abubakar Sadiq Yaradua and Mr Umar Iro, UBEC Board representative and Projects Director respectively, visited the headquarters of sQuidcard Ltd for cutting-edge conversations focussed on how digital technology will be able to transform Nigerian Basic Education.

20 October 2020